Melissa Choate is a professional freelance writer, blogger, and editor. She was a regular contributor on Today’s Mama, an online resource for mothers with topics including parenting, education, entertainment, and more. She has written web copy, web content, and numerous press releases and articles. She enjoys and excels at researching, a skill that helped her co-author a written history of Arizona’s infrastructure from the 1800′s to present day. She has also written for brands including Invisalign, Graco, AMC Theaters, TheBump.com, BabbaCo, White Cloud by Walmart, and Sibu Beauty.

A few example posts on Today’s Mama are:

“Waste Not” helps feed the hungry in Arizona

Whatever happened to babysitting?

One of her favorite sponsored posts is:

I was a teenage metal mouth

Melissa is a Phoenix native. She is freezing when it’s below 72 degrees. She is married to a superhero and has three amazing children. You can find her on the couch reading on her Kindle. The name Nouns and Violets comes from a poem by e.e. cummings, one of her favorite writers.

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