Casual Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th.

A few things I found interesting this week…

—  Flower explosions by photographer Martin Klimas. Blooms are placed in liquid nitrogen and shot from behind with an air gun. The result? This gorgeous art.

Exploding flower—  Look. You can watch anything on YouTube.

—  Breaking Bad locations in real life

—  35 Breaking Bad pictures

—  This preschooler is technically correct

—  Sweater folding taken to a whole new level

—  Seldom-seen Harry Potter illustrations

—  Why Chris McCandless – the subject of Into the Wild – died

—  Some tweets that made me smile:

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Water that falls in drops condensed from vapor in the atmosphere

rain in my backyard

So it rained this week. The weatherman said it was going to but he might as well be Noah warning people of the coming flood because Phoenicians are not believing that until we see it.

As soon as it started drizzling I did what I normally do – I grabbed my phone to snap a picture because every rain here is as magical as snow on Christmas morning to people who live where it actually snows. I’m guessing. I have no idea what life is like for people who own sleds and thermal underwear. Anyway, I’m certain if I took the time to search my blog I’d find similar, water-blurred pictures of my backyard with the grass varying heights and shades of green. But of course I didn’t take the time to search because it’s overcast and stormy and I’d rather look out the window.

My technical difficulties, as told in Haiku.

So I had technical problems… AGAIN. Rather than simply write a post about the experience, I’ve decided to tell the story with a series of Haiku poems. Why? Because I thought it would be more interesting than just some rant.

Traditionally, Haikus are 17-syllable poems divided into three parts: 5-7-5. This type of poetry has evolved and some poets don’t adhere to that structure, but I say if you don’t then it’s not a Haiku, it’s just a poem.

Before we begin, imagine me reading them to you, dramatically. I’m wearing all black with dark sunglasses and a black beret. Someone is sitting in the corner playing the bongos. A cigarette smolders in an ashtray. (I don’t smoke, it’s just for poetic ambiance.) I clear my throat, pardon me. Now, let’s begin. I call this collection, “Access Denied.”

Trying to log-in
Password accepted, but blog

Technical support
Hold music is loud, jazzy
Wait time five minutes

Take their suggestions:
Delete cookies, delete cache
Still access denied

Problem still persists
More calls, more wait, such headache
Hours passing by

Casual Friday
Post written, cannot be shared
Feeling frustrated

Programmer husband
Steps in, gets resolution
N and V is back

So now that that ridiculousness is over, here’s some things I’d wanted to share with you last Friday:

—  Hank and Marie watch the VMAs

—  Miley Cyrus twerks on famous paintings

—  The YouTube channel of Tommy Edison, a funny, endearing blind man. You could easily get absorbed and watch all of the videos. Two that I especially liked were Describing Colors to Blind People and How Blind People Cook Alone.

—  America is a no-vacation nation

—  A DIY Kindle case using an old DVD case. Also make a coloring case and dry eraseboard.

—  This is why I like The Onion

—  When you tell someone older than you that you feel old

—  Morgan Freeman recites the dictionary definition of Twerking

—  Who knew about the high cost and pervasiveness of the milk crate theft “criminal enterprise?”

—  ”Lost” woman in Iceland participates in search for herself. Apparently, it’s not the first time something like that happened.