Summer Rules

Summer RulesHudson’s last day of first grade is tomorrow. This is a page of summer rules he colored at school. Of all the things on this list, I think I’m most looking forward to sleeping in.

  • Calendar_January
  • Calendar_February
  • Calendar_March
  • Calendar_April
  • Calendar_May
  • Calendar_June
  • Calendar_July
  • Calendar_August
  • Calendar_September
  • Calendar_October
  • Calendar_November
  • Calendar_December

A Handmade Calendar

Every Christmas my mother makes a 3 1/2 x 5 desk calendar as a gift for someone who loves Disney but she never realizes how good of a job she does. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s awesome. You should see the scrapbooks she makes. WOW.

The Disney Channel

Hudson on the TVWhat? How do you watch TV?

Thick as Thieves

Madison and Hudson

When I was expecting Hudson, I worried about the age gap between him and Madison. They’re nearly thirteen years apart, enough of a difference that they could have less of a sibling relationship than an aunt-nephew one. Other people added to my fears when they suggested Madison would be a “built-in babysitter.” I knew I didn’t want that. True, she is a tremendous help. She has changed diapers, put him down for naps, helped brush his teeth, given him baths, and entertained him in restaurants. But I love it best when she’s just his big sister. No responsibility. No work. Just giggles and silliness.

This picture perfectly captures their adorable playfulness together. Hudson loves Madison so much. Yesterday he told me he’s going to marry her when he gets older. When he’s five, he said.