Epitaph Game

There’s a game happening on Tumblr where you figure out what your epitaph will say. It sounds macabre until you read the directions:

Uh oh, you just died and your family is planning what your tombstone will say. They decide to use your last outgoing text message. What’s your tombstone say?

My favorite epitaph so far: “I’m here.” That could be frightening or comforting, depending on how you look at it.

Some other gems are:

“Ok NOW I’m napping”

“Scott said I didn’t need to come in today”

“I just walked out of hospital cos it was making me worst”

“See you soon”

“Thought you’d find it funny and Kristen might too”

“So, if cats get lured away that’s why”

“Yeah, same”

“Let me know how it goes”

“I’m on my way now”

“You need to be let in?”

“Which one of us in this relationship never answers their phone?”

“Mum just finishing ironing, then we’ll be there”


“Oh dang it, see you some other time then”

“Ok :)

“Goodnight <3″

“This makes me feel even more single”

“Yes it’s painful”

“I literally just woke up”

“Call me”


What would your epitaph say? Leave it in the comments.

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