Casual Friday


This is how my Friday started – with a breakfast bagel at Einstein’s and good company to boot. Hope your Friday is off to a delicious start too.


—  Now THAT’S a library

—  Ricky Gervais to reprise role from The Office UK in the movie David Brent: Life on the Road. This is the news you needed to make your weekend better.

—  8 Life changing TED talks. This is on my list of things to watch while I hide from the heat this weekend.

—  The Wilhelm scream compilation

—  Behind the scenes photos of 80s movies. Confession: I’ve never seen St. Elmo’s Fire and I don’t plan to because I’m afraid it’s gonna be too sad. Isn’t there a tragic break-up with Ally Sheedy’s character? Or someone else. Eh, doesn’t matter. Not gonna see it.

—  Plan to make these adorable firecracker cupcakes

—  You may not want to make a headband but at least you’ll know how to make a Celtic knot

—  Video tutorial for a fairy lantern

—  Weak words and how to avoid them

—  Words to make you sound smart

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