Casual Friday

The weather forecast for this weekend is a high of 102°. In Phoenix we say that’s not too bad. We know it can get hotter. Ten degrees hotter. But trust me, once it gets to be 115° degrees don’t matter and it’s just hot. HOT hot. Boiling. Sweltering. Feeling like you’re inside a volcano swimming in molten lava kind of hot. Insert dramatic sigh here. I’m not looking forward to July and August. I hope you’re enjoying the weather wherever you’re at.

Here’s some links you can enjoy in the cool indoors.

Beauty and the Beast by Korean artistBeauty and the Beast

—  Koren artist gives western fairytales a makeover

—  Crazy things that correlate – Nicholas Cage films and drowning. The divorce rate in Maine and per capita consumption of margarine.

—  The science of motivation

—  Clothes hacks and goodbye to yellow armpits

—  50 questions to get to know someone

—  20 one-liners that are actually good

—  31 DIY paintings for your blank walls

—  13 infographics to help you eat healthier

—  Movie locations seen through Google Street View

—  Stephen king’s top 20 rules for writers

—  How to apply contour make up. I’ve been meaning to learn this for a long time but I’m actually one of those people who only wears make up for special occasions, like the Queen of England is visiting, for example.

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