Casual Friday

Of all the things I missed about this blog, I think I missed Casual Friday posts the most. It’s fun links on a Friday. What’s not to love?

—  Artist attempts to create most frustrating products imaginable.

impossible cutlery

—  By now you’ve seen Happy Chewbaca Mom. Now see what her family was gifted from Kohl’s.

—  Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60

—  What the World Eats for Breakfast. Yes, it’s a BuzzFeed video but I loved it.

—  Riding a Roller Coaster Blind. Would this be scarier or less scary? I can’t decide.

—  We are about the same age if you’ve seen this movie and you were jealous of Nancy McKeon.

—  20 Healthiest Foods

—  I don’t really like this haircut but this Italian barber is a true artist.

—  50 Ways Happier, Healthier and More Successful People Live on Their Own Terms

—  I want to do every one of these things in my backyard


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