How Not to Say Thank You

A boy in my son’s preschool class has a summer birthday too. Thanks to the class roster, the mother was able to email the parents invitations to a party at an indoor trampoline and bouncy house place.

That’s the kind of mother I admire – one who doesn’t let the worry of people being on vacation or not wanting to go out in the blazing heat stop her from hosting a party.

Hudson AZ Air Time

Turns out, tons of kids came. I got some good pictures but not many of Hudson bouncing. Those action shots are so hard to capture.

My PicMonkey edit probably isn’t fooling anyone. The original was blurry with poor lighting. Totally makes me wonder how we survived the old days of cameras with flash cubes. A roll of film with 24 exposures? You could use half that many pictures just trying to photograph your mocha frappuccino and blueberry scone.

On the car ride home from the party – two hours of jumping, pizza, and cake – instead of immediately passing out, Hudson told me what a great time he had. I suggested we send a thank you card to the birthday kid. He agreed.

Then I asked what he’d like the card to say. His response? HILARIOUS.

“Thank you for inviting me to your party. It was lots of fun. I broke my leg and you didn’t help me. That was rude of you. Thanks anyway.”

Me (suppressing laughter): “I didn’t see you get hurt.”

Hudson: “I DID get hurt.”

Me: “But you didn’t break your leg.”

Hudson: “Yes I did!”

Me: “Maybe you hurt it, or twisted it, but you didn’t break it.”

Hudson: “I did.”

Me: “Your legs seem fine now. [The birthday kid] fell too. He was okay.”

Hudson (after a brief pause): “I did have fun even though I broke my leg.”

Me: “Well, I’m glad to hear it.”

I will be sending a thank you card. Not the one Hudson suggested but maybe mine will be honest too.

“Thanks for inviting us to the party. I enjoyed getting out of the house and talking to other adults. The cake was delicious but fattening. Now I’ll have to watch my calorie-intake for the next few days. Thanks anyway.”

What do you think?

Yeah, you’re right. One of those generic cards you can buy in packs would do just fine.

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