For the Reader and the Writer

If left to my own devices I would lay in bed all day reading my Kindle, taking breaks only to watch movies on Lifetime for Women, especially ones that star Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter Birney. They’re like after school specials for adults, amirite?

Technically, I was left to my own devices this morning but I made fruit pies instead, totally from scratch. (All my cartons of blueberries aren’t going to cook themselves.) I used this pie filling recipe and added them to The Pioneer Woman’s fried fruit pie recipe.

Why, yes! I AM expecting June Cleaver over for brunch. We will be wearing vintage dresses and stockings, thumbing through Good Housekeeping magazines, and tittering about whatever it is housewives titter about. We will do all of this in black-and-white.

Because I actually read much more than I cook (duh), I buy lots of ebooks but I also save money borrowing Kindle books from the Greater Phoenix Digital Library. If you’re not in Phoenix, it’s totally worth checking to see if your library loans ebooks too. (Remember, you don’t have to own an e-reader. You can download the free Kindle app.)

bookbubAlso, my MIL kindly reminded me about BookBub. To subscribe, all you need is an email address and a love of books. Choose your favorite genres and get a daily email with links to free and discounted ebooks. Acclaimed ebooks. I emphasize this because I too can be skeptical of “cheap” books. Like, if they were any good they’d cost more but I can assure you, you’ll find quality books through BookBub.

If it sounds like Captain Obvious just told you these things, then I say, with all due respect and sincerity, “Get a blog! Millions of frugal, voracious readers await your expert knowledge.”

If you also love to write, Scrivener is the tool for you. It’s digital software that allows you to create index cards and outlines, collect research material in a variety of media – images, PDF files, sound files, movies, web pages – and SO MUCH MORE.

Scrivener logo

Right now it’s available on Amazon for $24 – a 40% discount! It might possibly be discounted through June 14th during their Father’s Day sale but if you want it, I wouldn’t risk it. Download it now.

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