Walking with Kids

Lucas has a map app and he used it the other day to track our walk in the neighborhood with the kids. Our route looks much less chaotic than I thought it would, especially considering we let our four year-old carry the phone most of the time. At that age kids walk about as straight as a driver taking a field sobriety test.

Map App Screenshot You should have seen the screenshot Lucas took after walking the dogs. The line is pretty straight until they got to the park and then it looks like a child’s erratic crayon scribbles.

We usually walk the same general path with the kids, which includes a stop at an apartment complex to look for Linus. He’s an elusive indoor/outdoor cat with a friendly owner who doesn’t mind small children chasing her pet around.

There’s also a grassy knoll the kids like to play on. It’s covered with a sprinkling of small, white flower buds. Jolie thinks it’s popcorn. You can kind of see her point, can’t you?

Popcorn tree

This, I think, is the best reason to let kids take the lead on neighborhood strolls, even if it’s all squiggles and loop de loops. You never know what you might see: a glimpse of a slippery cat or a Popcorn Tree.

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