Get Organized for Spring Fun

Today’s post is brought to you by Monkey Bar Storage, who has some great tips to share for getting organized. Just in time for spring cleaning!

Spring has sprung and everyone is getting excited about the outdoor activities that come along with the warmer weather. Gardening and enjoying the weather are just two fun things that you can enjoy during this time of year. However, enjoying these activities can be hard when your supplies are a mess and it takes hours just to look for the one item that you need. Follow the tips below to help organize the materials in your garage so that Springtime activities are a breeze.

Throw Out the Unused: The most needed and least frequently done organizing activity is taking inventory of what you currently have. It’s time to throw out the unused, unwanted, and broken items that are cluttering your precious space. Avoid holding onto items that you haven’t used in 1+ years. Donate items that are still in good condition.

Invest In An Organization System: The quickest way to achieve an organized garage is to invest in an organizing system. There are many racks that are specifically designed to hold garden tools, or even sports equipment. They come in a variety of prices and qualities to meet your goals. With the convenience that comes with having a spot for every one of your items, they are very much worth their price.

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Replace Broken Items: It’s no surprise that plastic toys and other outdoor items have cracked or broken while they’ve been stored in the garage. Now that you’ve already followed the step to throw out these materials, feel free to replace them if needed. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, local thrift stores are a great place to find replacement garden tools and outdoor toys for kids.

Place Based on Frequency: When arranging items on your new garage organization system, place them based on how frequently you use them. Less frequently used items should be placed up high and out of the way. Items that are used on a daily basis should be kept at eye level.

Enjoy the Weather: You’re now ready to enjoy the weather that comes along with Spring! Be sure to keep your garage organized by placing items back in their spot after using them.

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