Casual Friday

Well, this is embarrassing. One whole week and no posts whatsoever. My excuse is that my husband and I took the kids to Disneyland and a quick stop at Newport Beach. But I didn’t come home empty handed. I brought back a cold. So the last few days have been spent blowing my nose and complaining about sinus pressure and a sore throat.

Anyway, it’s Friday. Here’s some links to click instead of working:

—  Mom turns baby pics into imaginary adventures

—  The Civil War in color

Three Confederate Prisoners—  This guy wants to know if you like his pants

—  The moment you’ve been waiting for, Morrissey fans: he’s finally got a memoir coming out. Too bad there’s no U.S. publication contract… yet.

—  It’s just a cat: A supercut of cats in horror movies.

—  110 Titainic GIFs. One for every time I’ve seen that movie.

—  Walter White’s obituary in an Albuquerque newspaper

—  The dungeon wasn’t on the lease

—  IKEA or Death. The quiz that determines how well you can distinguish between names of IKEA furniture and death metal bands.

—  Ted Cruz calls birth control “abortifacients”

—  Some tweets that made me smile:

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