Casual Friday

Murphy’s Law for Vacations: You will feel a cold coming on in the few days before your trip but you will not get sick until you have arrived at your destination and the fun is supposed to begin.

Is this true? I don’t know. I just made that up but it feels true. Jolie has a low fever and a runny nose. Lucas has been fighting off a cold that Madison seems to be trying to catch too. I can’t list my symptoms because it’s psychosomatic for me – the moment I say it they will really begin to bother me.

But anyway, I’m going out of town and I hope your weekend is just as awesome. Here’s some awesome things to get you started.

Gioacchino Petronicce

—  The Flickr photos of Gioacchino Petronicce

—  Baby eats ice cream for the first time. It’s every bit as cute as it sounds.

—  Now this is a Dad who has a dry sense of humor

—  The psychology of the Nacho Dorito

—  Kodak moments from 125 years ago

—  What we were reading 30 years ago: 1983′s Top 10 Bestsellers

—  You are what you read

—  Never good enough but that’s a good thing

—  Paris

—  Hong Kong

—  Some tweets that made me smile:






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