The toilet paper prank passes to the next generation

My house got TP’d over the weekend. Around 11:30 pm our dogs went crazy barking, scaring off the kids I assume because when Lucas went outside to see what was going on, they were long gone.

toilet paper in yardThat’s not the greatest picture but the mess was quickly cleaned up without a chance for retakes. You can see the damage wasn’t bad – thank God they didn’t use eggs! When Madison first found out about it (she’d spent the night before at a friend’s house), she was near tears that someone “hated her enough” to TP her house.

Isn’t that just like a teenager to automatically think it has something to do with them? I had to remind her that, for starters, our house makes a good target. It’s on the corner of a very dark street so you have a lesser chance of being spotted and you can make a quick getaway. Secondly, other houses in our neighborhood have gotten hit and at least one of them was a home without any children. Plus, it almost certainly had to be middle schoolers. An older teen would have a later curfew on a Saturday night and not be sneaking out of their house at 11:30 pm. Most importantly, who said TP’ing someone’s house had anything to do with hate?

My best friend and I once sneaked out to TP the home of a girl in our high school. She was marginally a friend so why did we choose her house? Because it was walking distance and because a known target is much safer than some stranger who might burst out of their front door and chase us down a dark street, grab us by our shirts, drag us back and make us clean it up in our pajamas. Or worse: tell our parents. We were decent about our toilet paper prank though. Nothing over the top, nothing we would’ve hated to have done to us.

So who knows? Maybe getting TP’d that night had more to do with me than my daughter. Maybe the Universe was doling out karma and my name came up as someone who deserved to pick Charmin out of a cactus on a hot Sunday morning. One thing I am sure about: whoever is responsible for this will one day be a target too because the classic pranks never die. They just pass on to the next generation.

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