Not the dentist’s office of my youth

When I was a kid the big thing at the dentist’s office was getting to choose the flavor of my fluoride treatment. I always picked orange and sat there biting a Styrofoam mouth tray for what felt like an hour. Boy, have things changed.

(Side note: if you are interested in arguing about something today, Google “fluoride treatment for kids” and choose for or against it.)

So, anyway. I took Hudson to the dentist last week and these pictures don’t even begin to show you how awesomely awesome his pediatric dentist is. First, there’s an astronaut statue sitting on a bench outside the office and THIS is just the reception area:

reception areaWhile the kids wait? Oh, just a giant flat screen TV to watch and two touch-screen video game machines.

kids' waiting areaThis is nothing compared to what they have planned. They’d just moved offices and haven’t gotten everything all set up yet.

parents' waiting areaThis is the parent’s waiting area which you can’t really see because of the glare. Sorry.

To get to the patient rooms you walk through this passageway that looks like you’re about to board the Starship Enterprise. There’s no handle, no key, no button. The door just whooshes open, sliding into the wall. It’s way cool. On the inside there’s gigantic space aliens, astronauts, and a huge spaceship. Those are the pictures that didn’t turn out. Of course.

The dental hygienist came in and checked out Hudson’s teeth, but not before letting him play with the instruments that shoot air and water. Then he gave him superhero stickers and a gigantic helium balloon with a rocket ship on it. While we waited for the dentist Hudson watched the flat screen TV on the ceiling tuned to – what else? – the Disney channel. When she came in he got up and hugged her because he adores her so much. And why wouldn’t he? She has the coolest office on the planet and after the appointment is over? Tokens for the prize machines.

Yeah, I totally want to be a kid again.

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