The Week That Kept Me From Blogging

Three things that prevented me from posting at all this past week were:

  1. Fatigue. I’m always tired. Ask me how I am doing and 9 times out of 10 I’ll say that I’m tired. That one other time I’ll be too tired to answer. This past week I was especially tired because I was slightly busier than usual and it’s hotter than blazes outside which totally zaps my energy and motivation. By the time the kids were asleep and I could write in peace, some nights I was just too pooped. It takes a lot more energy than you’d think to sit in your pajamas and type on a laptop.
  2. Server problems. Three different times this week I sat down to write a post and couldn’t even log-in. So, I closed my browser window, opened a new window, and tried to log-in again. When that didn’t work I disconnected my Internet connection, waited five seconds, reconnected, opened a new window and tried logging-in again. When that failed too I was all out of ideas and told my husband it was “broken.” He said we needed to change servers or something. It was technical and I was too tired. (See above.)
  3. Watching “Breaking Bad” reruns to refresh my memory before the series finale starts on August 11th. For those of you not in the know, NetFlix now has the first half of season 5. You’re welcome.

But here I am now, blogging. This means I’m not fatigued, experiencing server problems, or watching “Breaking Bad.” It’s not Friday, when I’d normally post links, but I wanted to share a few cool things I found this week while stumbling around the Internet:

Blues Brothers eyeglasses—  Famous Eyeglasses by Federico Mauro.

—  Couple recreates their childhood photo on their wedding day.

—  Coffee jerks.

—  Trayvon Martin hoodie headed to The Smithsonian?

—  Man builds micro homeless shelters.

—  Mother lets toddler son wear pink headband to WalMart. Controversy ensues.

—  Funny roller coaster photos.

—  What happens when you “like” on Facebook.

—  What your coffee says about you.

—  Vintage ads for libraries and reading.

—  Surprise for new homeowners.

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