It’s Friday. Slack off.

Recently I felt like a kid who stayed home sick from school because I took cold medicine, napped for several hours, and accomplished nothing more all day than brushing my teeth. The last time I was that lazy had to be when I was a teenager. It felt great.

I’m better now. One of the things I did with said convalescing time was surf the Internet. I found some cool stuff and decided that rather than do a Friday Funnies post (which I haven’t done in awhile because not every week is filled with hilarity, although it should be) I’d share the highlights of what I found interesting/funny/entertaining. Enjoy.

Arizona summer heat

—  The Portal to Downton Abbey. I recently stumbled across the blog of Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and it was love at first post. Her blog is about the 1890 Victorian home she and her husband bought and are restoring. Lots of pictures accompany her posts about antique Craigslist finds, the arduous task of getting said treasures home, and getting them to fit in their intended spot. Also, she’s freaking hilarious.

—  Read The Bloggess. She will make you want to buy a 5-foot tall metal chicken.

—  Go, Granny, Go! An octogenarian gymnast in better shape than me.

—  Baby shower cakes gone wrong. My cake had rubber duckies. For some people, settling for the norm is not an option.

—  If Barbie looked like actual women.

—  Camp Whattawedo. Got kids home all summer? I love this mother’s approach to “structured, not scheduled.”

—  Rebrickable. What you can build with Lego sets AND loose parts you already own.

—  Kids Bowl Free. Where kids get two free bowling games every day, all summer long. It’s nationwide so check it out and find a bowling alley near you.

—  12 Simple Activities for Traveling with Kids.

—  What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

—  Behind the scenes shots of popular movies.

—  An illustrated reminder that learning doesn’t have to stop.

—  Animated gifs of celebrites, before and after retouching.

And some tweets I liked:








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