5 Bloggers I’d Like to Meet

People follow blogs for the same reasons they watch a television show – primarily for entertainment. They’re attracted by the humor, drama, suspense, or romance of the story and then they become invested. They want to find out what happens next.

Or I could be totally wrong. I know it’s why I’m hooked on several blogs. I like checking in to see what Leta and Marlo are up to and what Chuck has balanced on his head. I’m curious to see what antique find Victoria got on Craigslist. And anytime I need a laugh, I can always count on Jenny Lawson.

Of all the bloggers whose posts make me laugh, make me think, or inspire me, there are a few that standout. These are people I’d like to meet in real life. Here are my top 5:

5.  Heather Armstrong – Dooce
I caught on to this mommyblog maybe a year and a half ago – I was very late to the party. Dooce has an enviable amount of followers and more page views in a day than I have in a month. That’s to say nothing of the awesome brand campaigns she gets but boy does she have her haters. At first that didn’t surprise me since she has voiced polarizing opinions on religion and politics but that’s not why some people don’t like her. They’re critical of her parenting style, her divorce and new boyfriend, among other things. I don’t agree with everything she says and does but personally, I’d like to meet her because I think she’d have some valuable blogging advice to give. And, I think she’s probably misunderstood.

4.  Janet Reid – Query Shark
Here is a literary agent who teaches aspiring authors how to write an effective query letter. She does this free of charge and with the bluntness of Simon Cowell. That’s what I like about her. She wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone the novel they’ve worked on for three years is nowhere near ready for representation and not only that, it needs a total rewrite. You know what? It helps make writers better at their craft. For that I’d like to take her to lunch at a fancy restaurant. I’d be praying to God I used the right fork.

3.  Jordan Ferney – Oh Happy Day
One day I’m going to be a real grown-up and have furniture that isn’t a hand-me-down, didn’t come from Ikea, and actually fits into a decorative scheme. Scheme? Is that what I mean to say? Jordan would know. She could take me under her creative wing and help me figure out those kind of things. I’d love to see what she could do with my game room. Jordan, if you’re reading this, please take me shopping with you.

2.  Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
Now here is a girl I could be friends with. Her fanaticism for Elvis is matched with mine for Davy Jones. And Victoria knows how to take a good T.V. show seriously. I haven’t gotten around to watching Mad Men but I’d happily have a marathon viewing with her on NetFlix. Then I’d introduce her to Breaking Bad because that show is how television is supposed to be done. I’ll bet Victoria could help me decorate too. I mean, she found The Portal to Downton Abbey that also has an entrance to Narnia. What could she find for me?

1.  Jenny Lawson – The Bloggess

The Bloggess

Photo by TheFlirtyBlog via Flickr

If you’ve read her blog even once, this probably needs no explanation. Being friends with The Bloggess might mean opening your door one day to see a giant metal chicken standing there. It’s that unpredictability that would keep life interesting.

If you could pick any blogger to meet, who would it be?

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