What the kids are watching

So, I was trying to have a conversation with my husband. When I say trying I don’t mean we were on cell phones and had a bad connection or that he just wasn’t paying attention to me. What I mean is Lucas and I were standing in the kitchen and Hudson was bugging us about going to Chuck E. Cheese. I needed a distraction and what’s a good go-to distraction? Television.

I switched the channel to Nickelodeon, expecting Spongebob and instead it was Sanjay and Craig. Have you seen this show? It’s weird and a little edgy for kids. Or am I a prude? The premise is Sanjay, a twelve year-old boy, has a best friend named Craig, who happens to be his talking pet snake. Lots of butt jokes and innuendos that go over kids’ heads.

Then Lucas showed me Dumb Ways to Die, a dark-humored but catchy tune about death by inviting a psycho killer inside or scratching a drug dealer’s brand new ride.

Just when I was wondering what cartoons are coming to, I remembered watching Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. That’s what Saturday mornings were for when I was a kid: eating sugary cereal and watching animated violence.

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