Summer is here

Those of you living in other states where it actually cools off at night can’t understand that it gets too hot to swim in Phoenix. When it’s 120° going swimming is liking taking a bath outside. We have to take advantage of a day like today, which is “tolerable heat.”

Madison took a break from Tumblr and all of her many social engagements to take her little brother swimming. She even put “sunscream” on him first.

How did he repay her for this? By spraying her in the face with a hose. He loves her madly but he’s still her little brother and with that title comes the job of sufficiently annoying the crap out of her on a daily basis.

I’m sitting inside with the air conditioner on and I still want to dive right into that picture of clear, cool water.

August is coming, Phoenicians. AUGUST IS COMING.

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