Pardon My Dust

TA DA! My new blog design!

At the beginning of this year I mentioned that I’d be making changes to my blog. Then the new theme that I was so excited about and just had to have, the one that Lucas got with credit he had, that he was testing and ready to make live – I didn’t like it anymore. It was like buying a gorgeous pair of impractical shoes and getting them home only to realize they’re rubbing your heels raw and you have maybe two outfits that go with them.

For months afterward I searched for themes and played around with the live previews until I got sick of them. I was more fickle than a bride looking for a wedding gown. Then I found Literary by Mean Themes and it was love at first preview. The colors! The font options! The cute social icon buttons! THIS was the theme made for me. With this, my creative juices would flow. My followers would quadruple! My blog would be catapulted to the Top 100 Mommyblogs!

Lucas didn’t share my enthusiasm. “Are you sure you really like it? And you’re going to want to stick with it? It looks kind of plain to me.”

“It’s not plain!” I protested. “It’s sleek and functional. Modern.”

Last night after the kids were in bed I convinced Lucas it was the perfect time to get my theme up and running. He agreed. (Read: He couldn’t think of an excuse to get out of it.) ”So we’re keeping nothing from your old blog? Are you sure people will recognize this as your site?”

See how he tried to plant seeds of doubt in my mind? Sneaky little devil, don’t you think? Now, I’ll admit I was ignoring the voice in my head telling me about branding and blah blah blah. I want color options! And fonts! Nothing was stopping me from forging ahead.

Within a half an hour Lucas said, “Okay, it’s ready. Come check it out.”

FINALLY I was going to see Nouns and Violets content in all its new theme glory. I was a kid on Christmas morning.

And then…

Ho hum.

“How come there’s no tab for the Home page?”

“Because it’s 2013 and people know to do this,” and he showed me that my blog title is a hyperlink to the home page. Well, I didn’t know that and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one. Humpf.

“The formatting on this post is all wonky.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re going to have to mumble-mumble-mumble,” he said. Something about how to fix it. Technical crap.

Then I noticed each post ended with Continue Reading, even when it wasn’t truncated. I didn’t like the default font or its size. My tagline wasn’t showing and Oh dear, did I just throw a house warming party and I still have boxes lining the rooms and haven’t even unpacked the silverware? Yep, looks like it.

But okay, this is my new theme. And I love it. And I’m unhappy with a few things. But I’m working on fixing those so please bear with me and pardon my dust.

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