Roadside Carnival

Hudson had been asking to go to the carnival. Not a specific carnival, just any carnival. Lucas happened to spot one while driving across town so we took Hudson last weekend. I’m surprised he enjoyed this kiddie ride because he loved the spinning strawberries and the Tornado, which is probably as nauseating as it sounds. I wouldn’t know because if I had ridden it I’d still have vertigo. One day Hudson is going to beg me to take him to Knotsberry Farm and complain that their roller coasters aren’t scary enough.

When it comes to any kind of amusement park, all I can say is thank God for big sisters. They will go through the fun house with you again and again, even though they get zapped in the butt from all the static electricity on the slide. So thanks, Madison. Thanks for caring about your brother having fun more than getting frizzy hair and a sore butt.

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