The Big Chill

Yesterday I wore a long sleeve shirt, leggings, and thick socks around the house. I turned the heat up to 75 degrees and snuggled a blanket on the couch. It’s cold in Phoenix this week. How cold? The weatherman delivered the forecast below while wearing a trench coat and leather gloves, never mind that he did the reporting inside a heated studio.


Depending on where you live, you’ll look at these numbers and laugh. In Phoenix this is HUGE. We haven’t seen four consecutive days of freezing temperatures since 1988. People said “barf me out,” played Pac-Man, and watched Growing Pains the last time it was this cold here.

“The Big Chill” was last night’s top story on the local evening news. They did a bit on hypothermia and explained to us desert rats that it’s what happens when you lose body heat faster than you replace it. They said to look for these signs: drowsiness, confusion, slurred speech, stumbling and poor decision making. I never knew hypothermia was like being drunk.

Our governor declared an emergency. People are freaking out about their plants and vegetation freezing. They’re updating Facebook statuses with pics of their thermostats and it was all over Twitter (#AZFreeze) that icicles were on the fountain at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort this morning. Icicles!  That’s frozen water!

As I type this, my nose is cold and I’m considering taking a hot shower to warm up. If you’re someplace with snow on the ground you’re thinking I’m a complete wimp. Yes, that’s true but come find me in the summer when it’s 112°. I’ll be like, “Eh, that’s not so bad. At least it’s not a hundred and twenty-two.”

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