Willy Wonka Goes Trick-or-Treating

When I was pregnant with Hudson, once I got past the extreme nausea of the first trimester and could actually keep food down, I had cravings. Not for pickles and ice cream or peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I craved candy. Candy candy candy and more candy. Nerds! Laffy Taffy! Chewy SweetTarts! I’d never enjoyed candy so much in my life. It was like I was pregnant with Willy Wonka.

Imagine how much fun Halloween would be for a young Willy Wonka… Dress up, knock on complete strangers’ doors and get free candy. Your parents are not only okay with this, they let you eat chocolate before bedtime. It should be Halloween everyday!

I’m proud to say Hudson minds his manners when he trick-or-treats. He’s probably the politest trick-or-treater you ever met. On Halloween last week he happily skipped the houses without their porch light on. At the participating houses he used their walkway to avoid traipsing through people’s front yards. He would ring the doorbell and wait patiently for someone to answer. “Trick-or-treat!” he’d say when they opened the door. After getting candy in his bucket he said thank you. Occasionally, he’d comment on their decorations. “I like your pumpkin!” “That’s a scary spider!” But he told everyone before he left, “Happy Halloween!”

Except this one house…

Lucas forgot to let Hudson ring the doorbell. It didn’t go over well.

“Daaaaaad! It’s not your turn. It’s MY turn!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I made a mistake.”

Hudson agreed. “Daddy, you made a ‘stake!”

By this time three smiling adults had opened the door. Hudson wasn’t having it though. He said, “No! I don’t want to do it.” He turned his back on them and crossed his arms in protest. You have to imagine him doing this in an adorable fireman costume and it’s just impossible to throw a convincing fit when you look so cute. So instead of scolding him Lucas and I laughed.

When we explained what was going on to these friendly people they closed their door so Hudson could start over. He rang the doorbell and they waited a moment before answering, even feigning surprise to see us.

“Trick or treat!” he said. Just like that his manners were back.

And little Jolie? We took her trick-or-treating too, of course.

Here she is in her pony costume. Not old enough to walk or ring doorbells yet. Next year she’ll be alongside Hudson getting a load of candy of her own. Hopefully she says thank you.

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