From Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2

Last Thursday I let Madison skip school so we could hang out at the movies all day. Literally all day long. Thirteen and a half hours.

It was the Twilight Marathon at Harkins Theatres. For thirty bucks a person you got to see Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1, and the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2. A little swag bag had some souvenirs, candy, and vouchers for soda and more popcorn than you ever wanted to eat in one day.

Sure, for the price it was an amazing deal but you would think in a down economy that you couldn’t pack a theater on a weekday with mostly adult women. But who knows? Maybe they took the day off. Maybe they were unemployed. Or maybe they just got out of prison. It certainly sounded like some of them hadn’t seen a man in years with the way they carried on when Edward and Jacob first came on screen. And whenever Jacob took off his shirt. And when Edward said something romantic to Bella. When he proposed at the end of New Moon and then the credits rolled… Ho. Ly. COW. Someone even said, “What does she say? WHAT DOES SHE SAY?!”

I get it. They were playing along and getting into the experience. Something about watching a movie in a big group makes it more enjoyable. But by the time Breaking Dawn Part 1 started, Madison, anticipating audience reaction to the wedding and honeymoon scenes, looked at me and said disdainfully, “If they even start clapping…”

I’m like, “Yeah. We are so much cooler than these Twi-nerds.”

That made us giggle. Not laugh, giggle. “Laugh” is what you do when something is funny. “Giggle” is what you do when you’ve been sitting in a dark theater for hours on end and you’ve had too much sugar and the person next to you is really annoying because they don’t understand armrest etiquette and you’re sick of craning to see the screen because you have bad seats and when the heck is the new movie going to start already and you’re so tired that suddenly everything seems silly.

Then finally. Just when I was wishing I could go home and go to sleep, Breaking Dawn Part 2 started and I actually stayed awake through the whole thing. I’ve heard it ends differently than the book but I wouldn’t know since I never read it. You know I hate it when people give away the ending of a movie so I won’t spoil it. I’ll just explain part of the ending like my three year-old son would:

“He was running… faster faster faster! Then boom! Aaaahhh! And we said, ‘Aaaahhh!’ Because boom! And then she looked scary with her eyes. And the boy had teeth like this, ‘Whaaaah!’  

See there, you have no idea what I’m talking about. Now you can still go see it. And if you do go, for goodness sake put your cup in the drink holder to your right. I thought everyone knew that.

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