These Heels are Made for Walking

Ladies, you know when you’re going to a fashion show to see and be seen it’s a given that you’re wearing heels. You could have a broken toe and you’d try shoving your foot into a pair of cute shoes like you were Cinderella’s stepsisters with the glass slipper. The higher the heel the better. Never mind if you know how to walk competently in them, you’ll teeter around like a circus clown on stilts rather than wear flats. You’re not a twelve year-old girl, for God’s sake.

Which leads me to the tragic story of one woman in heels at Phoenix Fashion Week’s Thursday night show. No, I’m not about to tell you my own story in the third person so I can save embarrassment. I got to attend the runway shows as part of the media, which was totally awesome but I had to stand to take the pictures. After the Fashionably Pink Show I learned my lesson and I will never wear heels again when I have to stand in one spot for several hours then make the long trek back to my car.

Anyway, here comes this woman carrying a drink in each hand. She’s wearing maybe five-inch heels as thin as some of the models’ wrists. She decides to get to her seat by walking around the end of the runway, right where all the media are set-up. Think equipment bags, video cameras on tripods, and the requisite twist of wires which were secured down, but still. I think you can guess where this story is going.

As soon as this woman stepped around the edge of the stage her heel caught on one of the wires. She staggered for a few steps like a child first learning to walk and then… SMACK! Guuuurrl down! Shoes and ice went flying. One of her drinks landed on the runway, which had to be cleaned up before the show could start. Here’s this unfortunate lady who came out of her shoes, crumpled on the ground in front of a few dozen photographers and I want you to know not one of us took her picture or uploaded a video of her fall on YouTube. (And you thought all “paparazzi” were ruthless. Shame on you.) Yes, I did just tell you about it but you don’t know who she is. Besides, by now she’s probably wearing a wig and living in Brazil under an assumed name to escape the shame of tripping with two drinks in her hands right in front of God and everybody.

Now about the runway show… Kent Denim was the opening designer. The clothing line is what you’d expect based on the name but they also have graphic tees, jackets, and button-up shirts.

And there were male models without shirts. See all the flashes in the second picture? You should have heard the women squeal when this guy walked the runway. Put a topless guy with a six-pack in a crowd of dignified, mature women and suddenly they’re all giggling teenagers again.

Next on the runway was Mabella Chic, one of last year’s emerging designers. This is a line “for the independent woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid of expressing herself through fashion.”

That’s Brittany Brown on the left from America’s Next Top Model. I met her at the Fashionably Pink Show and she’s as sweet as sugar. She said being on Tyra’s show was one of the best things that’s ever happened to her and she still has to pinch herself to believe this is all real.

Both of these next two looks are great but I wouldn’t attempt to pull off the first one. Not before I got a personal trainer, if not plastic surgery.


Davinci, another men’s line, was up next. Their target customer is a hipster “looking for vintage looks and retro cuts.”


Other designers of the evening were Living Dreams, Ofra Style, Shawl Dawls, Samantha Patterson, Cafe Bleu, and Mariska.

For more pictures, visit my Flickr page. It isn’t filled with pics of male models without their shirts though. Sorry to disappoint.

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