What Models Can Do That the Rest of Us Shouldn’t

Here’s what you need to know about models: they can do things us regular folk can’t. And I don’t just mean get a date with Leonardo DiCaprio. Models can walk with a book balanced on their head. They can fit into a size zero. They can reach things on the top shelf without getting on their tippy-toes. And of course, models can rock a runway. 

Seasoned models know there’s more to the business than just a good walk. For one thing, if you notice, good models make very specific facial expressions. As they come down the runway they have a look that says, “You look In. Ter. Esting.” This turns into what I call The Sexy Squint. It’s when a model parts their lips and closes their eyes slightly to create a smoldering look that says, “You’re cute but I’m sexy.” They often hold this expression for end-of-the-runway posing. When they’ve had enough of the flash photography the look suddenly changes to, “You bore me.” They turn their back and they’re gone.

When done properly The Sexy Squint is subtle but effective. It’s really an art and models make it look so easy. Some celebrities can also pull off The Sexy Squint when they pose on the red carpet but it cracks me up when I see an average person mimicking it for random pictures. They squint their eyes like they’re trying to read the fine print without their reading glasses. And they do their lips all wrong. Either they part them too much or they puff them out, making their look like it got stung by a bee or they went overboard with the collagen. I considered vlogging this post to demonstrate this ridiculousness but decided against it. I’m not criticizing people on camera when I need to get my roots done. Also I don’t want you to see my messy office.

While I’m talking about models and runways… just to (finally) wrap-up my Phoenix Fashion Week experience, I wanted to share some photos from the final night. The show started with SJ Couture by designer Jeanne Hankerson. Her quality wedding gowns are “vintage grace infused with a contemporary twist.”

Bel Kazan, a namesake collection, was next on the runway. Her fashion is inspired by the colors and culture of Bali.

Enzoani continued the show with colorful, formal dresses.

Bri Seeley, winner of the 2012 Emerging Designer Competition, presented her fabulous, vintage-inspired fashion. I wanted to take home every single piece. Loved the colors. Loved the styles. Bri Seeley was one of my favorites of Phoenix Fashion Week.

Designer Bri Seeley (right) and her sister

Envy by Khanh was another talented emerging designer. This line is about color and cutouts. This is for the social sophisticate who will be envied.

Founded by fashion designer Natalia Acosta, Italia Rocks Couture is evening wear for the girl who likes to stand out. These dresses have lots of detail. Think rhinestones, flowers and feathers.

Madison Brown, winner of the Smartwater Model of the Year competition

Fashion from Suzanne Lay and Élevée also hit the runway. The show’s finale was Dubai designer Furne One, whose dresses have been worn on Katy Perry and Beyonce. Checkout the stunning looks from these designers by Phoenix Fashion Week here.

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