Ladies’ Man

This is Hudson, my little ladies’ man. His smile looks goofy because he’s thinking, “Stop with the pictures, Daddy. I’m trying to work an angle here.”

We’d gone to this park to have a picnic lunch. It’s an old-fashioned park, meaning there isn’t any playground equipment. Just green grass and shady trees. Kids have to play tag and make up their own games like they did before electricity was invented.

So we find a quiet spot in this park to eat and Hudson eyes these beauty queens across from us and shouts to one of them, “HEY, GIRL! I CAN EAT MY SANDWICH!” He demonstrated this skill by taking an exaggerated bite. Then he thought he’d get a little closer and he goes to sit between them. Just in case they needed to see his awesome powers of chewing up close.

At one point he has them hold his sandwich so he can strike adorable poses for them. He seriously did that. Like he was some spray-tanned weight lifter in a speedo. He was being so silly that people who were getting their picture taken with these beauty queens actually took pictures of him too. God help me when he’s a teenager.

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