Friday Funnies

I’m loading the dishwasher when Hudson brings me a bowl and asks, “Can you give me some more dog food, please?”

Just as I’m about to say no, I’m like, “Wait. What do you mean more?

Then I realize he just wants to refill the dog bowl. For a second there I thought he really might have eaten dog food because you never know with little boys. And that’s the essence of motherhood, isn’t it? You see your kid chewing and you panic. “What’s in your mouth?!” Oh, right. It’s that cracker you gave them thirty minutes ago.

Here’s a few chuckles for your weekend:

—  Madison showed me this funny clip from The Ellen Show: Tony falls for Ellen. The look on his face!

—  Canoodle doesn’t mean chat.

—  I have a new favorite comic strip.

—  Just like Michael Scott, he should have listened to Dwight.

—  My husband posted this to my Facebook. And he’s such a nice guy. Really.

—  This actually looks fun.

—  Awww. This isn’t funny but it’s adorable.

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