Breakfast, Day One

I’m terrible at starting new things. Let me rephrase that. I’m awesome at starting new things. I painted one of three intended pieces of furniture. I have two novels and several short stories at various stages of completeness. In my hall closet are several crochet lap afghans in progress. So yeah, I’m always willing to start something new, I just often lack the follow through.

Take breakfast, for example. Making and eating a morning meal sounds simple, right? Wrong. Luckily Hudson is pretty agreeable and will eat whatever I fix him but breakfast is still a highly complicated process. On weekends everyone wakes up and is hungry at different times. Lucas and Madison want pancakes; she wants them with chocolate chips, he wants them without. I’d rather make French toast. Madison doesn’t like eggs but Lucas and I do, except he’d prefer them scrambled and I like them over-easy. We all like bacon and they’re usually thieving freshly fried strips while I’m cooking, which makes an equitable division of the bacon a contentious affair when it comes time to eat. Forget about breakfast on weekdays. Nobody has time to eat in their morning dash to get out the door.


I know we can and should be doing better than that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s “breaking the fast,” blah blah blah. I’ve started to make meal plans that include breakfast and fizzled out, usually because I’d rather get extra sleep than cook. Now that school will be starting soon, which always gets me making New Year’s Eve-like resolutions, I’ve resolved to make everyone breakfast every single day for the next 21 days. After that it will be a habit. This time I know it will be successful because I sold my family on the benefits of eating breakfast and got them to commit to doing this together. Also, I’m keeping it simple. Everything we’ll eat on weekdays will be quick to prepare and easily be made to-go. The ingredients for a healthy, balanced breakfast are: protein, carbs and fiber. So, for Day One I fixed toasted whole wheat bread (carbs and fiber) with peanut butter (protein) and strawberries and blueberries (fiber). Easy peasy.

My biggest hurdle for these 21 days will be tricking the teenager into eating fruit. Despite the well-intentioned efforts I made when she was little, she pretty much repels healthy food. She’s the only person I know who orders a BLT and takes off the L and the T. I could start “hiding” fruit in smoothies but would you believe I don’t own a blender? I might have to change that.

Got a recipe for a simple, balanced breakfast? Do tell!

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