J’adore Jolie

I love my daughter’s name. Jolie means “pretty” in French. Sometimes saying her name makes me want to sing Alouette and put a black beret on her head. J’adore Jolie in a hat! When I was pregnant with her I crocheted tons of baby hats. So many that I gave away eight hats and two crowns to my sister, who was expecting her baby girl one month after mine. I wish I’d found a baby beret pattern for beginners.

(The patterns I used were: newborn crown, Sugar and Spice bonnet, pretty little baby hats with added appliques, and baby bunny hat without the ears.)

I hope Jolie grows up to be the kind of woman who wears a hat. I can almost picture her walking confidently in high heels and a pencil dress, a slash of red lipstick and a jaunty hat. Margo Nickel says, “Whenever you wear a hat, your day will be special.” And that’s my prayer for Jolie, that she will make each day count and live it with style.

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