Happy Father’s Day

When I married my husband Lucas it was a given that we’d have children because I believe when two people love each other so much it should make a whole other person. What child wouldn’t want to know they were born to share in so much love? Plus, I really wanted there to be someone else in this world with Lucas’ eyes.


Hudson Michael

Jolie Nicole

In the literal sense his eyes are blue and expressive, one of the things I’ve always found so attractive about him. More significant, what I love about his eyes is the way he sees things. Lucas looks for the opportunity in challenges (and before him I’d have said problems). He sees the possibility in the unfinished and has measureless hope and plans for the future. He sees the potential in people and encourages them to accomplish what they thought impossible. He doesn’t believe you have to settle for the conventional. He sees life as an adventure and because of him I’m learning to do the same.

Before I met Lucas I had Madison, his daughter in love if not in DNA. It makes me smile when I hear people say she has her father’s eyes. Because she does. All of my children do.

Madison Lorraine

Happy Father’s Day to the best Daddy, mentor, friend, playmate, and bedtime story reader a kid could ever have.

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