Easter in June

With the best of intentions I bought an egg dyeing kit to color Easter eggs with Hudson. Totally didn’t happen. But hey, he’s only two and we have a great excuse for not doing it – we’d just welcomed Jolie into the world five days earlier. Don’t worry, he didn’t really miss out. Our family put on an Easter egg hunt at their house and made eggs with the kids’ names on them.

The egg dyeing kit I bought got shoved into a drawer and curious Hudson found it today.”I love it!” he said, embracing the brightly colored box. “Open it! What is it?”

So I said, “It’s to color eggs,” and I dumped out the contents of the box because why not? If there’s a Christmas in July, then we can have Easter in June.

Hudson didn’t really get what to do with the stuff. A white crayon (he called it a pencil). A sheet of stickers (he stuck some on the wall). Coloring tablets (I took those because hel-lo! they look like candy). An egg dipper (he totally disregarded it). Egg stands (cheap cardboard with springtime designs that he thought was interesting enough “paper” to save for later).

My husband, bless his heart, was totally up for this but he skipped the hard-boiling of the eggs part because come on, it’s June. “You don’t mind making scrambled eggs with colored eggs do you?” he asked me. Of course not. How often do you need an egg to cook dinner and get to open up the carton and see this:

On a side note, surprisingly that weird cleaning mood I was in yesterday continued today. Not terribly productive but I washed my kitchen garbage can out with bleach. I’d give June Cleaver a run for her money except I didn’t do it wearing pearls and high heels. Oh, I also made more Snickerdoodles

I’ve become quite the addict. I think I’m going to need an intervention.

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