Back to the 80s

I stumbled on a list of 48 things that make you feel old. Like I need a stranger’s list of random crap to make me feel old. If your hips or knees pop when you stand, if you complain once a week about something aching, or if you have to keep a supply of Pepcid on hand, you already feel old. You don’t need (or want) to be reminded. But I thought this thing about Marty McFly was funny.

I loved Back to the Future. LOVED IT. I was going to marry Michael J. Fox. (Remember his purple Calvin Kleins?) I used to spend all of my money buying every magazine he was in. Oh my gosh, Bop was my favorite. I can’t believe I’m showing you this picture but…

I think I’m trying to be Cyndi Lauper here. Side ponytail. Rainbow-colored bracelets. Pull-out poster of Michael J. Fox. Yep, that was definitely 1985.

When Back to the Future came out, 1955 seemed ancient to me. My parents’ stories made it sound like a prehistoric utopian time. People didn’t always lock their doors. It wasn’t rude or unusual for neighbors to show up unannounced at dinnertime. Not everyone had a telephone or television. Seat belts were optional, if the car had them at all.

It occurs to me now that this is how my daughter must view the 80s, like it’s primitive compared to contemporary high tech days. I wonder how she’d fare if she could time travel thirty years into the past, trading her Toms for Reeboks and her iPod for a Walkman. How would she function without a cell phone or the Internet? (Wait. How did I?)

Today’s teens in the 80s is an interesting scenario. Think it’s time for a Back to the Future remake?

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