Stupid and Suck

Hudson named his two stuffed puppies Stupid and Suck. Those are two of his favorite words. He likes to say that everything is stupid. You’re stupid. His lunch is stupid. Brushing teeth is stupid. Milk is stupid. We’re trying to get him to stop saying that word.


He might have picked it up from SpongeBob when they were making fun of Sandy’s Texas roots. Also, if you watch that nautical nonsense you know that Patrick Star is stupid and there’s just no other word for his stupid stupidity. We’re not sure how Hudson got started saying “suck.”


Most of my stuffed toys as a kid were already named. Raggedy Ann and Andy. Strawberry Shortcake. The name on my first Cabbage Patch’s birth certificate was Disa Kitty (not a typo). I did have a teddy bear once that I named Worcestershire because I heard the word on an episode of Scooby Doo and people had trouble pronouncing it.

Maybe I should try to get Hudson to change Stupid or Suck’s name to Worcestershire. It would sure be fun to hear him try to say it.

Did you have funny names for your stuffed animals when you were a kid?

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