Paper or Digital: How Do You Keep Your Photos?

Father’s Day is around the corner but I have to take a second right now to appreciate my husband who shot this video of Jolie while I was napping. Thank God for helpful husbands and lazy afternoons to catch up on sleep.

Lucas is the official family photographer and videographer. Without him most of our special moments wouldn’t have been captured for posterity. We have hundreds, maybe thousands, of pictures. Very few are printed and framed.

My mother gave me a beautiful wedding album and scrapbook items which I have yet to attempt to put together. I’ve done better with my children’s pictures. As the oldest, Madison has several scrapbooks creatively done. Think die-cuts, acid free paper with scalloped edges, and journaling. I had a great start with Hudson’s baby book, capturing the pregnancy announcement and baby shower but it fizzles after he was born. Our third child, one month-old Jolie, doesn’t even have an album.

Call me lazy but uploading pictures from the camera card to the computer, selecting the ones I want to print, and sending the file to a photo processing center is a lot more time-consuming than dropping off a roll of film. Not that I’d like to go back to the days of negatives and double-prints. It’s just that keeping a scrapbook up-to-date seems more like a hobby or luxury than a parental responsibility.

As much as I like cropping, rounding corners and adding embellishments I’m debating whether or not to start a scrapbook for Jolie. Are those a thing of the past? With online photo editing made easy, even amateurs can add effects and make touch-ups. Using free basic edits on Pic Monkey I started with this picture:

In less than two minutes I had this:

Not a major change but hey, I spent less than two minutes and I did remove some of her baby acne.

I’m behind on scrapbooking but at least none of our photos are stuffed in shoeboxes waiting to be organized and put in albums. For now we use Flickr to manage and share pictures online so family always gets to see a recent photo and we don’t have to worry about losing those priceless memories in a disaster like a house fire. What about you?

How do you keep your photos? Do you make paper albums or store your pictures digitally?

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