Friday Funnies

Lucas stepped into the kitchen and his foot slipped out from under him. His arms swam violently through the air as he tried to steady himself. He grabbed the edge of the counter, saving himself from splatting on the tile. Watching his near fall startled me and I jumped, which scared baby Jolie who I was holding. She started wailing, Madison came to see what was the matter and Lucas warned her, “Don’t come in the kitchen! DON’T COME IN THE KITCHEN! Someone spilled!”

After calming down Jolie I got up to inspect the situation. I thought maybe the dogs knocked over their water dish or that Hudson had spilled a glass of milk. But I found that I wouldn’t need the mop at all because the kitchen tile was bone dry. We concluded that Lucas had slipped on probably the only two or three drops of water on the whole floor. In other words, all it took was dog drool to make the floor slick enough to knock Lucas off balance. Seriously, if the Zombie Apocalypse ever happens and he’s running for his life, he’ll find a few drops of water in his path and his brains will be Zombie Chow.

Here’s what else made me laugh this week…

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