No News is Good News

I don’t watch the news because if I really wanted to be sad I would just listen to country music. And the newspaper? That’s good for coupons and packing breakables. I mainly get my news from my husband posting article links on Facebook,, and What do these sources inform me about what’s going on in the world on a day like today?

An entire Spanish village wins the lottery… except for one man who didn’t buy a ticket. Sodeto’s only loser doesn’t seem terribly bitter about it, saying that he’d been trying to sell some land and now that everyone’s rich he’s having no trouble finding a buyer. And the women of the village? They wanted to spend some their six-digit winnings on a trip to the hairdresser. Unfortunately for them the hairdresser also won and was taking some time off.

After 30 years Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt reunite. I can’t see any actor from Three’s Company without getting the theme song stuck in my head the rest of the day. Do you remember the episode where the three roommates couldn’t come up with the $300 rent so they had to concoct a zany scheme to get money while avoiding their nosy landlord and pretending Jack was gay? Oh wait…

A Florida man legally adopts his girlfriend to (allegedly) protect his assets from the wrongful death suit against him filed by the family of a man he hit and killed last year while driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. His criminal trial is set to start next month and he faces up to 30 years in prison.

• Food for thought on sending farewell emails to co-workers when resigning. With a turnover rate on the rise at one of my former companies, the HR department nipped that practice in the bud by blocking employees’ ability to send email blasts to everyone at once. I was disappointed. Some of those goodbye emails would’ve made great water cooler gossip. (In lieu of an email, I considered giving my boss my resignation letter while playing “Take This Job and Shove It” to get my point across. Thankfully, a good night’s sleep helped me think better of it.)

• And a high school player scores the winning basket for the opposing team. Oops.

With the SuperBowl right around the corner there was a link to “the perfect guacamole recipe” but that I skipped, figuring I’ve already got that down. Right, honey?

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