My Foray into Flea Markets

Good friends of mine find the best treasures at yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. They give the most unique and fun gifts. Although I get amazing deals at the grocery store, I’ve never been someone who can naturally suss out the secondhand bargains. I’m hoping to change that this year.

Taking a cue from Jordan at Oh Happy Day, I’d like to focus on a few areas in my home and make them more creative and functional. I love the complimentary prints of her furniture. Using a dresser as a side table provides storage room to eliminate clutter that accumulates in living rooms.

Hoping to find some new décor for a deal, I made my way last weekend to Thieves Market, a monthly flea market in Cave Creek, AZ.

I didn’t find a dresser I could refurbish but I saw some cool stuff, like Coke collectibles, books, Southwestern art, vintage toys, and clothes.

If you head to the Thieves Market with the little kiddos, be sure to take a boo-boo box. With my son, I should never leave home without one. Within the first five minutes he fell and skinned his knee on the gravel. He still gets the words “knee” and “ouchie” confused because to him the two are synonymous. (Here is a cute little first aid kit you can make and fill with bandages and antiseptic wipes.)

I didn’t leave the Thieves Market empty-handed, having purchased a collectible Vegas poker chip for $5 and a handmade novelty necklace for $4. But the time spent shopping with my family on a balmy January afternoon? Priceless.

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