If You Wanna Know If He Loves You So

1.  He doesn’t hold it against you that you got him sick. He doesn’t do a quarter of the complaining that you do.

2.  He says to you, “You can go back to bed if you want to.”

3.  He takes care of the toddler when you get Benadrunk and are passed out on the couch for two hours. (The label says “marked drowsiness may occur” and also “marked excitability may occur.” You hoped for the latter and took it at noon.)

4.  While you are searching for Vicks Vapo Rub you knock some things over, making a loud crashing noise. He comes running to make sure you are okay.

5.  He smiles at you like you are a beauty queen, even though you are wearing your pajamas, haven’t brushed your teeth or hair, and are sitting next to tissues and a plastic grocery bag full of used ones. (I call it my Bag of Boogers. Yeah, gross.)

Being sick sucks. It’s easier when your husband is willing to hold down the fort so you veg out with your cozy blanket with sleeves. It’s not a Snuggie. It’s way better than a Snuggie. My husband bought it at Brookstone for me last Christmas and I think it is the best gift I ever got.

If all of this hasn’t been ooey gooey enough for you, maybe this music will do it. Cute song. Cuter video.

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