Days Like This

It is a rare moment when I am glad to have a telemarketer call me.

(In fact, I need a better word. What is rarer than rare? Freak? Unwonted? Preternatural?)

This telemarketer called my cell phone, which I had been unable to find anywhere. Two year-olds get their hands on expensive technology and hide it in the most unusual places. Luckily the sound of the ringing led me to my teenager’s dresser. Like I ever would have looked there.

Anyway, I would have called my cell phone with my home phone but we don’t have one of those anymore. Long story, but now we are experimenting with whether we need it or not since everyone in this house in their teenage years and up has their own cell. But on days like this I think we do need a land line. I kept thinking, what if there’s an emergency? I felt like I was back in the Dark Ages. Or at least the early 90s.

I’m glad to be back in communication with the world but now I have a different problem: a two year-old who doesn’t want to take his nap. In moments like this I need a little mood music:

I love oldies. Makes me think of the Five & Diner. Tuna melts, juke boxes, and waiters with those funny white hats. Good times.

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