Age Only Matters if You’re a Cheese

On my 30th birthday my then ten year-old daughter had her classmates sign a petition she created entitled, “People Who Don’t Think 30 is Old.” When she gave it to me she sweetly said, “See, Mom, not everyone thinks you’re old.” I was touched by her sympathy for me and a little abashed at how I’d carried on.

I don’t know why I’ve always been overly concerned about my age. When I was 20 I mourned the loss of calling myself a teenager. At 25 I thought, “Wow. I’m officially too old to be Miss America.” For my entire twenty-ninth year I dreaded the big 3-0, refusing even the word thirty by saying “twenty-and-ten.” Flash forward nearly six years and the realization is settling in that I’m now closer to 40 than 30. (I’ve got a mental note to buy Sarah Brokaw’s Fortytude for my Kindle.)

I’m getting better at embracing the “age is just a number” philosophy. However, I’m pretty adamant that if I have to get older it doesn’t mean I have to look it. So I’ve been re-thinking my nearly nonexistent skin care regimen. But with so many beauty products on the market, which is the right one to choose?

I think I’ve found the answer in Sibu Beauty. All of their skin care products are made from the sea buckthorn berry, endorsed by Dr. Oz as “the new miracle berry.” Also known as the “beauty berry” and the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas,” the sea buckthorn berry boasts many benefits, including powerful antioxidants which revitalize and restore youthful appearance. Rich in vitamins A and C, the fruit is one of only a few available foods that contains Omega 7, which is extremely beneficial for healthy skin, hair and nails.

With Sibu Beauty, beauty doesn’t have to be just skin deep. They offer products for topical treatments as well as dietary supplements, such as:

The Balancing Facial Cleanser, suitable for all skin types, cleanses and exfoliates, leaving your skin fresh and radiant. It’s great for removing make-up and excess oil but it’s gentle and won’t damage your skin.

The Age Defying Eye Cream, also suitable for all skin types, provides antioxidants and long-lasting hydration. This 100% natural product is specifically designed for the delicate skin area around the eyes to firm the skin and refine the appearance of fine lines.

Cellular Support is a soft gel supplement that provides nutrition for your skin, hair and nails. It is all natural, Certified Organic and Certified Kosher, and may even aid in the prevention of weight gain.

What’s great about the entire Sibu Beauty line is they are 100% natural, Paraben-FREE, Cruelty-FREE, and they do not contain preservatives. You will NOT find dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, or sodium among their ingredients. (The December 2011 issue of The Vegetarian Times includes a brief article on Sibu Beauty and some of their products.) And, they source the sea buckthorn berry through fair trade, which means Sibu Beauty promotes an equal relationship between their company and the harvesters and processors of their product. As stated on their website, “This includes fair wages and healthy, safe working conditions.”

Great company. Great product line. Great idea for a Christmas gift. Hint, hint.

DISCLOSURE: I did not receive any compensation from the company. I received a free sample in return for a blog post on their products. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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