And the Award Goes To…

Did you watch the 2011 Golden Globes? I didn’t. It’s for the best since I have no interest in watching The Office get the shaft. Can some Gleek explain to me why Glee deserved to win the Best Series award? Did Jim Parsons really deserve to win Best Actor in a Television Series over Steve Carell?

Turns out, there is an award recently given that I won’t be disputing. Kristy at Pampers and Pinot graciously bestowed the Stylish Blogger Award on Nouns and Violets. How cool is that?

Acceptance of this snazzy award means sharing seven facts about myself. Taking a cue from Kristy, I’m going to make them style-related. Here are my 7 Fashion Confessions:

1.  When I can’t find a clean pair of white socks, I swipe a pair of my husband’s socks.

2.  I also like to wear his robe because it’s warm, soft and reaches to my wrists and ankles.

3.  For Christmas my husband gave me a tan “blanket with arms” but it is NOT a Snuggie. Mine is infinitely superior to a Snuggie. My favorite thing to do when the kids are asleep is curl up on the couch with my blankie and read or use my laptop.

4.  I seem to have an endless supply of message tees in my closet that I need to donate. Yesterday I found a bright pink one that says, “Jerks <3 me.” I know it was before I met my husband but what was I thinking?!

5.  I can’t ever remember the rule about white shoes and Labor Day. Is that still being enforced?

6.  I know enough to not pair a brown belt with black shoes but I refuse to drag my purse into it. I have a few favorite purses that tote around what I apparently believe are life’s essentials: wallet, prescription sunglasses, Chapstick, gum wrappers, old receipts, crumbs (how did those get in there?), lotion, cell phone, hand sanitizer, and occasionally my Kindle. I’ll use any colored purse despite my outfit and the season.

7.  I’ve hidden all evidence of my ghastly 1980s hairstyles. (Oh, don’t even ask about the days I owned my crimping iron. And I vehemently deny any allegation that I ever ratted my hair. Ever.) This pic survived though. It’s what came a few years after this that’s been banished to the vault.

All I think when I look at this now is: 1) split ends and 2) what’s up with those bangs?!

Even now I have to question my fashion judgment since I think Natalie Portman looked great but she made the Worst Dressed List. Granted, she could lose the necklace but her red shoes really brought the look together, I thought.

Now I get to pass my joy onto others. In no particular order, I’d like to present the Stylish Award to these fine blogs*:


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*I know some bloggers don’t like passing on bloggy awards and that’s okay too.

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