Monkey See, Monkey Un-do

I turn the television on. He turns it off. I prop open a door to let the cool November air circulate through the house. He closes it.

I put his toys in the toy box. He takes them all back out. I put socks on his feet. He takes them off. I gather laundry in the basket. He throws it on the floor.  I save my page with a bookmark. He pulls it out. I put the DVDs back in the cabinet. He scatters them across the floor.

It’s like living in the opposite of the Jetsons’ self-cleaning house.

My little un-doer is very cute though. How could I get mad at this face?

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is fast approaching (where did the time go?!?) and let’s just say I’m glad that we’re not hosting dinner at our house. Nap time is not enough time to clean a house.

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