Nancy Has No Grace

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My husband and I are compatible in most ways except when it comes to sleep. I like to go to bed early. He’s a night owl. I like darkness and quiet and he likes to fall asleep with the tv on. The ceiling fan is optional for me and a necessity for him. Worst of all, he snores and I’m a very light sleeper.

The other night, on one of the rare occasions when we went to bed at the same time, I agreed to have the tv on as long as we could turn on the sleep timer for 30 minutes. I flipped through the channels and the first thing that caught my eye was Nancy Grace. My poor husband has been subjected to many torturous hours of the Nancy Grace show. He can’t stand her because of the way she condescends to her own panel and berates them when they take a viewpoint opposite of her own.

I have to concede that she lacks social grace and while I often agree with what she’s saying I think she could present it more tactfully. What keeps me watching her show is that I’m interested in most of the news stories that she covers so in depth.

If you, like my husband, aren’t much of a Nancy Grace fan then you might enjoy watching one of her guests tell her off and her own staff pranking her.

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