Time Warp Women

It started as a headache. Then came the nausea. That lasted about 36 hours and two days of general malaise and lethargy followed – hence the reason for the sparse blog posts this past week.

After I got feeling better I had the chance to catch up on some much needed housekeeping. Thank God I have a husband who helps so much! I would be lost without him. Even though I’m a stay at home mom there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t know how the retro housewives accomplished so much in a single day. We’re living in an age of so many modern conveniences, so why does it feel like there’s less and less time?

I read an article about 3 time warp wives who couldn’t care less about present-day creature comforts. These women are obsessed with the old-fashioned lifestyles of retro housewives.

Meet Diane. To make financial ends meet, Diane works part-time but she’d like to escape from modern times and she rarely reads the news. A lot of her clothing is vintage and she’s perfectly comfortable going out in public in her 1930s garb. She thinks the world back then was “a sunnier place” where women were glamorous and respected by men. Diane also believes that women in the workplace have blurred the roles of the sexes and that there is too much pressure for them to be like men.

Debbie says she has been obsessed with the 1940s since the age of 17, when she first met Martin, her husband. She’s spent many hours looking for authentic retro pieces for her kitchen and even furniture. Her bed bears a stamp indicating it complies with the rationing of the time period. Slowly but surely, Debbie says they are “eradicating every trace of the modern age” from their lives. She fills her days doing the household chores and trying to make her home perfect for her husband.

This is Joanne. Her kitchen is filled with original 1950s cookery and appliances and she likes to don a pinny, make homemade jam, and bake cakes. Joanne and her husband, Kevin, own a television but keep it hidden in a retro cabinet and all they watch is Foyle’s War, Miss Marple, and Poirot. He wears modern clothes for work but she only ever wears 1950s clothing. Joanne will not even put gas in their Ford Anglia because she says it’s unladylike.

You’ve probably seen the article below, which supposedly originated in 1955. I looked it up on Snopes and the status was “undetermined.”

Alright, I might say I was born in the wrong decade and that I belonged in the 1960s or something. But I think I’m going to take that back now. I like the movies and music of the time period but I’ll stick with the 21st century and the women’s lib movement, thank you very much.

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