The Game of LIFE for Mommies

Photo by mia3mom, author of Gaggle of Girls

I’m sure you’ve played the board game LIFE, right? Well, today I ran across this “Day in the LIFE of a New Mom” in the back of BabyTalk magazine. It has landing spaces like “Diaper Genie needs changing,” “Babysitter is sick. Lose a turn,” and “Bouncy seat needs batteries. Pay $10.”

I thought if I were creating an actual LIFE board game for mommies I would add these landing spaces:

School picture day. Pay $45.

Join PTSA. Move ahead 2 spaces.

Forget snacks for PTSA meeting. Lose 1 turn.

Take the kids shopping for new shoes.

Kids need lunch money. Pay $30.

You burned dinner. Move back 1 space.

Time for more immunizations. :(

Visiting grandparents. Lose 1 turn to clean the house.

Race to get a forgotten project to school before 5th period. Get a flat tire. Lose 1 turn.

Chauffeur kids to a birthday party.

Daddy makes BBQ for dinner! Move ahead 2 spaces.

Recital fees due. Pay $125.

Help kids with homework.

Do a load of laundry.

Teething baby! Lose sleep. Lose 1 turn.

Kids complain they don’t like what you made for dinner. Move ahead 2 spaces. Why not? You deserve it.

Bath time! Lose 1 turn while you mop up the mess.

What would you add?

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