Put Another Dime in the Juicebox, Baby

My daughter, Madison, used to sing, “I love rock ‘n roll so put another dime in juicebox, baby.”  As a tween she thought the words to Then He Kissed Me were: “Well, he walked up to me and he asked me if I wanted to die.” She didn’t believe me when I said the correct lyric was “…if I wanted to dance.” She Googled it.  I have to admit, I was slightly concerned that she was comfortable singing about a stranger asking if you wanted to die – and then you think to yourself, “He looked kinda nice and so I said I might take a chance.”

She used to sing the jump rope chant, “Ice cream soda, share your top. Who’s your boyfriend, I forgot.  A, B, C…”  I had to think about that one for a sec.  Then I asked her, “Madison, do you think it’s ‘ice cream soda, cherry on top?’”  No, she didn’t.  I’m telling you, when she thinks she’s right her self-confidence is unshakable.

Years ago, when the movie Jerry Maguire was just released, we’d been visiting at my parents’ house.  Even though we live close and see each other often, Madison was always sad to leave.  One night she was really crying and my mom sweetly cooed to her, “Madison, Grandma doesn’t like to see you sad.  What can I do to make you happy?”  She stopped the fuss and considered the question.  Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea.  She looked at my mom deadpan and said, “Show me the candy.”  She couldn’t have known Jerry Maguire’s catch phrase, “Show me the money,” so it just made it all the more funny.

I love all the funny things she used to say.  I only wish I’d written them all down.  Something has to trigger my memory to bring back the time she brought me a plate of food she wanted me to cook and asked, “Mom, can you burn this up for me?”  Or the cute way she’d say “kill-uh-patter” instead of caterpillar.  I’m definitely going to record all of the hilarious things I’m sure Hudson will say.

-  -  -  -

In case you missed this in the comments of The Chickenman post, get a good laugh from my good friend, Kathy:

I thought I would share our version of the chickenman.

Maya and I went to the pool one day, and the life guards blew the whistle because it was time for adult swim for 10 minutes. We got out of the pool and were sitting on the side, when Maya who was just shy of 2.5 years old says, “mommy he is a chicken.”. I look at the lifeguard who she is talking about and say what did you say. She says again “he is a chicken.”

Then I realize she is looking at his mohawk and decided he looked like a chicken. I told her that no, he isn’t a chicken he just looks like he is a chicken because his hair is spikey. She then said “so he is a chicken because he has spicy hair.”

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