Hudson Got a BooBoo

My 13 month-old isn’t walking yet but he’s trying. Hudson is okay as long as he can hold on to something. He’s not quite ready to let go.

This evening he was using the coffee table to steady himself when he lost his balance and fell. On the way down he bumped his mouth and bit into his lower lip. The sight of bright red blood trickling down his chin made my heart drop into my stomach. Daddy scooped him up and Madison and I rushed to his side, eager to offer damp paper towels and ice.

Surprisingly, Hudson didn’t cry long. He was obviously taking his injury better than I was. (It’s the same with his immunizations.) I gave him Tylenol anyway, just in case. I couldn’t stand to think of him in pain without being able to communicate it.

At dinner my husband, who had smears of Hudson’s blood on his shirt, was clearly over the trauma as well. “He got over that quickly. He’s tough. That makes a daddy proud.”

I knew where he was coming from but I still felt shaken up. “It looks awful!” I said. “His teeth went right through his lip!”

“They didn’t go through it. He just bit it,” Lucas said.

I looked at the little wound again and thought maybe he was right. Didn’t mean I was done worrying. “What if it gets infected?”

My husband was confident, “It’s not going to.”

“How am I going to feed him?” Hudson still drinks from a bottle since he hasn’t yet mastered the sippy cup. With a split lip I was afraid he wouldn’t want to suck.

“He’ll be okay,” Lucas assured me. “Don’t make it a thing for him and it won’t be.”

He was right. Hudson ate just fine and fell right to sleep when I rocked him. He’s peacefully asleep in his crib as I write this. Now if I could just get over things as quickly as him, I’d be all good.

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