I Heart My Hubby

Once in awhile I write about my husband.  (Not too much because I don’t want to end up HERE.)  But tonight I’m feeling especially gooey in love with him because even though he’s sick he’s just such an awesome Dad and husband.  Here’s 10 reasons why:

♥  He ran an errand yesterday that I could have done but didn’t want to because I said “my hair was a mess”
♥  He went to go buy dog food even though I really should have gone to do that too
♥  He got up to take care of Hudson at 8:00 am so I could go back to bed (I feel really guilty again just reading that – I should have been letting him rest)
He happily sat on the couch with Madison and let her watch the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy on T.V.
He was happy to see Hudson this afternoon – even though he was taking a nap and Hudson woke him up by smacking him in the face
♥  He didn’t complain that I made tacos for dinner (Madison’s favorite) which he doesn’t really like because he hates chili powder.  At least I did make some yummy guacamole to go with it because then he doesn’t mind tacos so much.
♥  He took the garbage out after dinner
♥  He still found the energy to do some work today
♥  He hasn’t complained once about not feeling well
♥  He doesn’t ask for or expect any babying when he doesn’t feel good

Yeah, he’s pretty much the best husband ever.

If you want to read some really cute and heartwarming essays by children about their Dads, go HERE.  The one about the “respectful, kind, safe, and honest” foster Dad made me want to grab some tissues!

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